Slowly returning to life

June 22, 2011

The semester ended. The year ended. And my master’s degree has ended. And I am slowly coming back to life.

Which is a good thing, because in 2.5 short months I am throwing myself back into academic purgatory yet again.

This summer is taking shape as an odd one. We are moving in August but, because I am no longer a student at Yale, finding a summer job has proved difficult.  So I have a lot of time, but those around me are very busy. Which means, oh lucky reader, that you get to listen to the ramblings of my mind.

I am currently intrigued, inspired and slightly obsessed with the blog, It presents an unique mode for presenting historical scholarship, using photo-essays and a focus on plac to capture, record, preserve, and present stories of place and of those who inhabited it.  It is a very engaging and arresting way of telling history and as well suited for making the case for preservation. There is something very powerful in seeing the decay of buildings and artifacts left strewn as determined by fate, something about the decay that makes the history that much more tangible. And rooting the story one is telling in a particular place is a method of history telling that I find to be very compelling and interesting. I am very interested in exploring the photo-essay as a way of telling history.



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